Why Synaptic Packaging

Our Value Proposition

The team at Synaptic is engineering minded with a focus on commercializing innovation through the supply chain.  


Synaptic brings direct leadership experience from multiple brands and retailers with functional experience in R&D, Engineering, Operations, Marketing, Quality, Purchasing, and Sales.


We are an augmentation to your team, a plug-and-play resource.  We are lean, we are efficient, we require no fixed overhead, nor on-going commitment from your company.


We are ‘Special Forces’ to help you achieve the stretch goals you desire, to front load risk on new projects, and often a pre-cursor to internally making a formal project proposal.  We help you make informed decisions.

We provide fresh perspective and insights.  We can help engage all levels of your organization and provide an assessment on strengths and opportunities along with external benchmarks.

We bring diverse experience, best practices, the ability to accelerate learning, and connectivity with new external relationships.


We are a team motivator, a mentor, and a friend to your workforce.  Your team will feel appreciative of the added support.  We will help lift them up and coach them along the way.


We get the job done.  Together, we have fun in the process and embrace the relationship.

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