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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#47

November 18, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Idaho

Week#47 Good morning!  I hope this note finds you well.  This time of year it gets dark so early, it is easy to move inside for the winter.  The image above from Idaho with the blue skies and white clouds inspires some nice outdoor activities, perhaps a hike.  So bundle up with some good gear, and enjoy the season!

This is a special week for Synaptic Connections - today marks one year for the newsletter.  The first issue of Synaptic Connections was on November 21, 2018.  Thanks to your support, the newsletter has grown nicely and is building a solid group of followers.  It is an honor, and a joy, to help you with your Sustainability challenges, and be an accelerator for innovation.  Please continue to share Synaptic Connections with your colleagues, friends, and family.  Everybody has a part in advancing Sustainability, hopefully through this newsletter you can better find your voice, and opportunities to lead.

For those who follow weekly, you’ll know that we are on the final chapter of our 2019 strategy.  This chapter is titled “Big Data Convergence”.  In it we are looking at how big data and IT are accelerating action to advance Sustainability.  Through this exploration we are examining emerging opportunities for innovation to capitalize on this convergence, and proactively respond to the associated risk.

Today, let’s take a look at Sustainability and design.  Specifically, let’s look at design software and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)  systems.  On one side of the table we have genesis technologies emerging from hard engineering disciplines and AutoCad legacy technologies.  On the other side of the table we have genesis technologies from creative arts, gaming, and film making.  Those working in this industry know very well there is a massive mash-up as these two industries converge around more powerful and complex IT systems seeking to lead in the virtual consumer experience.  That, in itself, is a discussion for another day.  What we see in this space however, is opportunities for these design tools to be supported with Sustainability modules.  It is time to start educating and empowering the design industry to contribute to advancing Sustainability.  To do this requires strategy, education, and construction of the proper tools.

A good design engineer will use modeling systems to run predictive scenarios to make informed guidance.  These tools include traditional attributes like fit validation, or Finite Element analysis (FEA) to predict strength characteristics or flow characteristics.  In the same manner we envision emerging opportunities for these modeling tools to analyze Sustainability characteristics.  The design systems will need features to analyze attributes such as carbon foot print, the use of recycled content, component size and the ability for it to be recycled, the use of natural/renewable raw materials, cube utilization through transport, and even compliance scoring with customer or regulatory policies.  With these attributes encoded into the design software, the creative engineers can be more effective at building solutions to help advance Sustainability.

Many of the design tools available today are limited in their ability to run simulations with natural/renewable materials.  They’ve been perfected to work with plastics and metals.  Engineering with natural materials is often more complex.  To empower the modeling capabilities described above, the producers of natural/renewable materials will need to improve the integration with the software producers by construct material characteristic databases.  If you are reading this newsletter and you are the producer of an emerging material then let’s discuss how we can get your material characteristics integrated into these design platforms.  If you are a designer and your clients are seeking Sustainable solutions, then let’s talk about how we collaborate to better train your teams on building Sustainability solutions for your customers.

Have a great week and enjoy the news articles below!

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