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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#44

October 28, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Pumpkin Patch, North Georgia Mountains

Week#44 Good morning!  What a beautiful fall weekend.  We are in peak season and between the colors, the weather, football, and fun outside this is a spectacular time of year.  This week is Halloween, so please be extra careful for the little ones when driving home from work.

Keeping with our theme - we are exploring Big Data Convergence on Sustainability.  Last week we explored Sustainability and the ERP.  That dialogue generated a lot of interest and feedback, thank you for your comments.  Today, we are going to explore third-party Sustainability data gathering and verification.

Sustainability is a big challenge - really big.  The type of challenge that will require big computing power in order to obtain a wholistic view.  While the ERP systems we explored last week are aggregating that Big Data from inside corporations, outside we are seeing a growth in third-party data monitoring and verification.  These systems include satellites, drones, and remote embedded sensors.

The first users of this data will be the early researchers seeking to quantify and define the environmental challenges.  With the models and methodologies established, the independent collection and verification of the data then becomes a commercial asset.  The information is useful for prioritization, policy development, benchmarking, assigning accountability, then competitive product development to bring solutions to the identified challenges.  This commercial model applies well to a host of Sustainability challenges including carbon emissions, plastics in our waters, marine shipping emissions, deforestation, soil health, toxicity emissions, and farming technologies to name a few.

As business owners it is important to recognize these technologies are emerging and this data will soon be available for independent, third-party verification and benchmarking.   We need to prepare our companies to make smart decisions to hold up well to this level of comparative analysis.  To do so, we need to move beyond the cliche’ thoughts of Sustainability as a marketing tool, and move to the more mature science-based view that this Sustainability challenge is not going away.  Our children’s, children will be working on these same challenges.  This is a new competitive front, and once the wheel of Big Data hooks up with independent verification, it will drive Disruptive Innovation and quickly make 'The now, into the nostalgic’.  Its always better to be out front with this type of emerging competitive innovation, and I’m here to help.  Have a great Halloween week everyone!

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