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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#27

July 1, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Fireworks, Jackson, WY by Joshua Fahning

Week#27 of 2019

Good morning!  Fire up the grills, get the pool inner-tubes out, and enjoy a nap on a lounge chair - the 4th of July holiday is upon us.  We hope you enjoy this mid-season stretch and take this time to honor and remember the value of your civil freedoms.  Those civil freedoms are so precious, have been earned at a great cost of sacrifice, and we should never take them for granted.

Today, we kick-off the next chapter of our strategy on innovations driving Sustainability.  After exploring innovations with Natural/ Renewable Materials, we now turn our focus to ReThink Waste.  This is a fun topic because it embodies all business aspects from innovation, to LEAN manufacturing; from marketing to purchasing, and there is a place in this story for all political view points.  Simply put - ReThink Waste is good business.  Of course, in Synaptic Connections we intend to tackle it through the lens of Disruptive Innovation Advancing Sustainability.

Let’s start with a very macro look at why ReThink Waste is important.  A picture tells a thousand words.  Have a look at the projection for world population growth as issued by the United Nations in 2015 with the image below as a simplified extraction from Wikipedia.  In last week’s edition of Synaptic Connections we saw an update being published to this report showing world population at 9.5B by 2050.

So here is the challenge….. what happens when the world’s population grows as projected and people have more discretionary income?  Simple enough, right - they consume more.  Imagine your lifestyle this very day - what you bought, what you consumed, what you threw away, and now multiply that by 9.5 billion.  Try to visualize that and you get the picture.  That cup, straw, candy wrapper, etc. suddenly goes from a thoughtless innocents to a very real challenge.  The growth certainly sounds good for the economy and good for business.  However, if you want to appreciate that growth, and be relevant with your customers, then a pro-active solution is needed for these challenges, and that solution starts today.  We believe the failure to pro-actively drive and lead Sustainability will move a company from the ‘now to the nostalgic’.  Look back at our Newsletter on Disruptive Innovation and you can read more about what happens when highly successful companies fail to adapt to emerging changes.

This population growth will strain resources like never before and generate significantly more accumulating waste.  As we have learned through independent research, the world’s waste collection processes are not as closed loop, or tight as we might have been lead to believe.  Much of our waste is ‘leaking’ into the environment.  So let’s play this forward…. Population growth, increased disposable income, increased consumption of on-the-go products, coupled with global waste management systems with ‘leakage’.  The forward projection is increasingly clear.  (Image Source:  January 19, 2016, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, "New Plastics Economy", Link)

In this next chapter of our strategy on ReThink Waste, we are going to focus on the economics of waste and the business opportunities to bolster the value-propositions to turn waste into a Sustainable economic cycle.  We see this challenge as a core opportunity and we believe it is the emergence of a new global race for consumption of undervalued feed-stocks. 

As I started at the beginning - ReThink Waste is good business.  I look forward to exploring this topic together and helping your company drive Sustainable innovations.  Please enjoy the news articles below and have a great 4th of July week!

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