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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#25

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Week#25 of 2019

Welcome to Synaptic Connections!  This week, we are going to wrap up our packaging strategies using Natural/ Renewable Materials.  I hope you have enjoyed the last seven weeks as we have explored this topic together.  The feedback has been super encouraging - Thank You!

Stick with us.... we have more exciting dialogue to come.  The next chapter of our sustainability strategy will be on ReThink Waste!  That is a very full topic, and one that we look forward to exploring together to see what exciting innovations and business growth opportunities can come from creatively addressing waste.

Today, we are going to celebrate the outstanding work being done to develop Green Chemistry solutions.  The chemistry industry sits at the core of global manufacturing.  If global manufacturing were a living species, then chemistry would be the blood.  Chemistry is behind all of the amazing products and technology advances that we use today.

When we think in the context of Sustainability, we need to visualize the world as a closed-loop system.  Everything we produce, impacts the world we live.  The field of Green Chemistry seeks to engineer solutions that reduce the risk of bio-accumulation of harmful materials and to develop innovative solutions using renewable feedstocks.  As we explored last week, there are two parts to the value proposition:  1) The use of natural/ renewable materials (front-end of the equation), and 2) The end-of-life characteristics (back-end of the equation).  The innovation opportunity with Green Chemistry is to maximize that value-proposition on both sides.  Last week's Synaptic Connections reviewed some examples of that strategy being utilized in the field of bioplastics.

We see Green Chemistry as a huge opportunity for disruptive innovation to advance sustainability.  While this is an emerging opportunity, there are already impressive business case studies to demonstrate the success of Green Chemistry.  As a great consumer success story, we'd like to honor our friends at Method Home Cleaning, Seventh Generation, and Aveda for their leadership in this space.  These are companies who were early adopters to Green Chemistry and have done an outstanding job to promote and advance the industry with bold leadership.

Innovation in Green Chemistry is at the heart of many emerging packaging solutions and often represents an enabler technology.  We are quiet motivated by what we are seeing develop in this space and encourage others to apply resources to help advance, adopt, and promote these innovations.

Have a great week, and enjoy the news articles below!

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