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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#19

May 6, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Grand Canyon, Arizona

Week#19 of 2019 Good morning and I hope you had a nice weekend.  So, how did you advance Sustainability last week?  Any great stories to share?  I'm just returning from the Sustainatopia conference in Miami, FL and super fired up about the opportunities to innovate!  Great conference, thank you John Rosser for facilitating such engaging dialogue.

We're going to hang-out here a bit on innovations with Natural and Renewable Materials.  This is part of the series I call the ForwardLean//.  This is the opportunity for us to look at emerging technologies and understand where they are going.

The opportunity to innovate with natural and renewable materials is underpinned by the ability of these materials to competitively perform vs. their synthetic offerings that are not so Eco-Friendly.  At Synaptic, we encourage our clients to be a bit analytical here and break-down the functional components of the package and seek to tackle each one with a sense of innovation.  As a refresher to the basics - the four functional components of a package are to 1) Communicate, 2) Protect, 3) Dispense, and 4) Dispose.  Protection can include mechanical, barrier, and containment.

Mechanical structure and containment can often be accomplished with papers, molded-fibers, and starches.  For mechanical containment and protection we see a lot of opportunity in both material development, and the converting equipment.  Further to that point, is economic and sustainability advances in form-fill-seal equipment (Ref. prior Newsletter on LCA).

Barrier protection is often the most challenging of innovation category with natural materials.  We see encouraging developments in barrier from bio-polymers, safer chemistry, cellophane, lignin, and natural wax technologies.  Also, borrowing from our very smart friends in the flexible packaging space, we see great opportunities for the combination of materials to create higher functional value while preserving end-of-life goals of the packaging systems.

In the next few weeks we are going to invite some guest contributors to the newsletter to feature their technologies and insights.  If you have a Natural/ Renewable material you would like to discuss in Synaptic Connections, then drop us a line.

Have a great week!

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