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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#18

April 29, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - "Wild Flower", by Joshua Fahning

Week#18 of 2019 Good morning and I hope you are off to a great week!  I'll be in Miami, FL this week presenting at an investor conference called Sustainopia.  If you are in the area, come on out and join us.

This week, we are starting a journey to look at emerging technologies.  Last week we summarized the three big platforms that we feel have the potential for disruptive innovation to advance Sustainability.  The first on that list was

Development and Growth in Natural and Renewable Raw Materials

This strategy can be summarized in brief.... grow the raw materials, harvest them, seek to use them in their most natural state, down-cycle them for maximized economic value, then safely return them to the earth (preferably with organic value).

This vision aligns to the life-cycle as presented to us in nature.  The vision challenges science to be inspired by, and emulate, the model of our living planet.  It is humbling in the simplicity, and yet richly complex in the execution. 

At Synaptic, we are motivated by the challenge of this inspirational goal.  Anyone who is actively developing novel innovations using natural and renewable materials can tell you that the processing characteristics are significantly different compared to synthetic materials.  The manufacturing science of natural materials often takes a higher level of sophistication to function well in high speed, high volume converting.  That, of course, is a general statement, however something you should expect going into a novel development project converting from synthetic to natural materials.

Drilling a level deeper into novel innovations with natural, and renewable materials - we see strong advances in the field of bio-polymers, emerging fiber materials, green chemistries, molded fiber technologies, lignin technologies, paper solutions, and algae to name a few.  As we previously discussed in the characteristics of Disruptive Innovations, these break-through technologies typically create a shock-wave, opening new space for innovation above and around them.  To that end, we see tremendous processing, equipment, and new consumer product innovation emerging from the growth of these technologies. 

For the sake of brevity and respect for your time, we will continue this dialogue on Natural and Renewable Raw Materials next week.  Have a great week and enjoy the news articles below!

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28-01 Sustainopia, Miami, FL

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