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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#17

April 22, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Earth Day 2019

Week#17 of 2019 Good morning and happy Earth Day 2019!  I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend, and for those who celebrate, I hope you had a nice Easter and Passover.

So, did anyone go out and practice their 'pivot' last week after our newsletter?  I certainly found myself making a few little moves with my feet and giving some thought to how that applies to Sustainabilty.

For the next couple weeks we are going to focus on what we call the Forward Lean//.  This is where we study adjacencies and emerging technologies to identify disruptive innovations that can advance Sustainability in consumer packaging.  We see an impressive field of new technologies.  To assist in dialogue we find it helpful to classify them into three emerging platforms for innovation

1. Development and growth in natural, and renewable raw materials

2. Advances in technologies to reduce 'waste' and regenerate economic value

3. Big data converging with Sustainabilty sciences

The articles we post in this newsletter have been, and will continue, to highlight these emerging trends as the story unfolds in practical execution in the market.  We find it very helpful to let others tell their Sustainability story - and like an impressionist painter, the bigger picture reveals itself.

Next week, we will kick-off with Natural and Renewable Materials.  The articles below on Starbucks composting, on PHB resin development, the historical findings on ocean plankton, and the on-going implications of the  China National Sword policy all touch on this topic.

Have a great week and enjoy the news articles below!

Packaging Sustainability//

ReThink Waste//

Emerging Energy//

Upcoming Trade Events//


22-26 April, Materials Research Society, Phoenix, AZ

28-01 Sustainopia, Miami, FL

May 5-8 May, PaperCon, Indianapolis, IN 6-9 May, WasteExpo, LasVegas, NV 7-10 May, HOW Design, Chicago, IL 13-19 May, ISTA Forum, Denver, CO 21-22 May, Private Label Manufacturers Association, Amsterdam

The purpose of this newsletter is to stimulate innovative thoughts and constructive dialogue through the lens of sustainability.  New subscribers can send an e-mail to the link below to sign-up. 

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