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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#15

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Week#15 of 2019 Good morning!  I hope this note finds you well and looking forward to a productive week.

This week we are continuing our previous dialogue on Disruptive Innovation Advancing Packaging Sustainability.  In last week's BLOG we provided some examples of large scale, consumer products that have been disrupted by the rapid emergence of novel innovation.  The closing challenge statement was to put yourself in the shoes of the product manager and ask - 'Did you see the change coming?  If so, how did you respond?'

Hopefully, the idea sank in a little bit and provided fresh perspective on the context of Sustainability.  We find a lot of our customers and companies struggle with Sustainabilty for the same reasons that perhaps Kodak failed to make the transition to digital photography.  Hang with me here.  See, Disruptive Innovation emerges under the foundations of major enterprises.  Most commonly, it takes seed underneath companies who have not effectively understood, or defined their true value-proposition well in the market.  This often happens due to blind spots, and legacy assumptions.  This is where Outside(In) perspective is so very important.  The absence of a well understood value proposition can make it challenging for a company to craft a meaningful and effective Sustainability story without putting disparity, or tension, on your brand identity.  We have seen this quite a bit in packaging in recent history with 'Green Washing' of marketing claims.  Many companies have responded to Sustainability with a tag-line, or a line extension on a product.  The consumer is increasingly confused due to the lack of clarity and continuity.  I can't say this strong enough... be careful with your marketing, and have a strategy - for Sustainability is not going away.

The closing thought for this week's message - how you define your value proposition will guide you in response to emerging Disruptive Innovation.  

As a challenger question .... what if Kodak had defined their mission as 'Capturing the Memories of a Life-Time'?  Might they have survived Disruptive Innovation and proactively lead the way to be the next Facebook?  Perspective is everything.  Are you the best maker of film, or do you preserve memories?

Have a great week and enjoy the news articles below!

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