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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#13

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

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Week#13 of 2019 Good morning!  Well, spring has finally arrived in Atlanta, GA this week.  We had some beautiful sunshine and all the trees are in bloom.

This week we are kicking off a new discussion on Disruptive Innovation (DI) Advancing Sustainable in Packaging. It is a topic I frequently speak about and one that I will be presenting at the ICE Conference in two weeks.  I speak about it often, because I feel it is super important and something leadership should embrace.  Today, let's just cover the basics so everyone understands the concept of Disruptive Innovation.

Disruptive Innovation is a term coined by Clayton Christensen from Harvard University when he published a white paper on DI called 'Catching the Wave' in 1995.  In this report Christensen lays out the characteristics of Disruptive Innovation.  Here are a few of the characteristics of Disruptive Innovation for you to reflect on//

  • A different way of thinking - likely does not fit well into your existing business methodologiesIt is often a different way of doing business

  • DI has a high failure rate and often takes longer to commercialize than incremental adjustments

  • DI tends to be produced by outsiders and entrepreneurs

  • Disruptive Innovation most commonly does not look attractive to established companies

  • Disruptive Innovation is not a +1 enhancement, improvement, or line extension to an existing product.  That might be innovative, but that is not DI

For today, have a look at these bullet points in the context of Sustainabilty and your existing business. Reflect on the conversations and meetings your company has had on Sustainability.  Have you sensed the tension and uncomfortable conflict when the topic comes up?  Do you see the gap between your companies response and what you hear in the market?  Have you seen others defiantly reject ideas on Sustainability, use surfacing techniques to shift the discussion, or reprioritize the topic?  Do you see competitive movements, or hear whispers of emerging technologies in your space?  Are your customers researching solutions independent of you?  These are all warning signs that DI is lurking and it is in your best interest to listen, understand, and proactively engage in a meaningful response.  We're here to help.  We'll have more on this next week and come on out to the ICE Conference to hear the talk on DI.  

Have a great day and enjoy the news articles below.

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