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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#08

February 18, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Week#8 of 2019 - In our newsletter last week, we explored end-of-life solutions for plastic waste.  Specifically, we introduced the emerging technology of pyrolysis, and highlighted the opportunity for increased product development using post-consumer recycled plastics (Adidas shoe case study).  This week, we would like to highlight the emerging technologies that offer an alternative to oil-based plastics.  Many people are now commonly aware of compostable plastics used for food service items like forks and cups.  Most of these products today are made from PLA plastic.   Critics will be quick to point out some of the challenges of PLA.  Our opinion, is that PLA plastics are "directionally correct, and better than yesterday".  That said, we are focusing our R&D efforts on next generation solutions that strategically go further beyond the performance envelop of PLA to enable a broader spectrum of emerging materials as commercial alternatives to oil-based polymers.  If you look back at our initial BLOG you will see a challenger statement - "Built to Last - But Really, Should Your Packaging Last Forever".  There are many strategic facets behind this vision and we are highly motivated to be working with venture capitalists, progressive material producers, and packaging converters to build tomorrow's supply chain, today.

Enjoy this week's selected news stories and we hope they stimulate engaging dialogue with your colleagues.  Our goal is to get you thinking about innovation and opportunities for commercial growth through the lens of sustainability.

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