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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#07

February 11, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Grand Canyon, AZ Sunset

Week#7 of 2019 - In last week's newsletter we explored some of the opportunities for end-of-life solutions for plastic waste.  For years, the primary solution for plastic waste has been recycling.  That is still the primary solution, however more recently we have learned just how little plastic is actually getting recycled on a percentage basis. More innovation is needed to create down-stream pull for the recycled resins.

Today, we would like to continue the discussion to ReThink Waste//.  In the last year, Synaptic Packaging took a deep dive into better understanding the emerging technology of pyrolysis.  In our first BLOG we featured pyrolysis as one of our top picks for sustainable innovations.  This week we feature two new articles on the growth of pyrolysis.  One article is on pyrolysis being used for carpet recycling, and the second is a very supportive report on the growth of pyrolysis issued by McKinsey.  

Pyrolysis has great potential and we believe it to have a broader commercial operating window than traditional recycling.  The economic sustainability continues to be the largest technical hurdle.  The operating facilities are capital intensive, and pyrolysis still requires a well sorted in-feed stream to produce a valued, quality output.  While the economics require a delicate chemical balance, the opportunity is real and can be profitable.  We expect to see strong growth in this technology, however applied to specific end-market applications.  Growth will come in the alignment of a narrow targeted waste stream, chemically recycled through pyrolysis, and sold into a targeted high-valued market application.  For the near-term future, we see this as being case by case solution building for business growth with pyrolysis.  If you'd like to explore further, please send us an e-mail to discuss.  Have a great week!

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