• Gary Robinson

Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#03

January 14, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Afternoon arctic sunset, Karlsborg, Sweden

Week#3 of 2019 - I hope everyone is off to a great week!  We have lots of exciting activities at Synaptic Packaging as we seek to validate new technology on commercial equipment.  The picture above was taken around lunch time as the sun made a very shy appearance before dropping back below the horizon near the arctic circle in Sweden.  In the news this week - we are highlighting the expanding challenges of PFAS fluoro-chemistry and the exposure in common household goods.  As consumers - be aware, as producers - be proactive.  For more information on this topic, you can read our BLOG or e-mail us.  IoT is also a big newsmaker this week with the CES show, followed by the announcement of collaboration between Microsoft and Kroger.  The retail experience as we know it is about to undergo another major shift....opportunities, opportunities, opportunities :-).  Drop us a line if we can help you get ahead.  Have a great week!  Cheers, Gary

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