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Synaptic Connections Newsletter 2019 Week#41

October 7, 2019 www.Synapticpackaging.com Image - Vintage Photo, 'Hot Crabs' Galapogas Islands

Week#41 Hello and good morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  It feels like fall is finally starting to show some seasonality with a little bite in the air.  Did anyone see in the news last week about Whitefish, Montana getting a rather surprise seasonal welcoming with 23 inches of snow!  How’s that for a fall transition?

So, on the topic of transition… today we are going to kick off a new chapter in our Sustainability strategy.  This year we started with explorations into innovation using Natural/Renewable Materials.  We then explored opportunities to ReThink Waste.  Today, we start a new discussion looking at Big Data Convergence.  In this series we will explore how Big Data will influence Sustainability, and how we can prepare to meet this emerging opportunity.

If you have heard me speak at a trade conference, then you know that I frequently cover the topic of Disruptive Innovation (DI).  If you have not heard the full talk, then you can read components of it in the June 1, 2018 issue of Synaptic Connections.  I am a firm believer that Disruptive Innovation will win the day with Sustainabilty, and those leading DI will be rewarded.  It takes different thinking to solve big challenges, the kind of thinking embodied by the Disruptive Innovator.

With the idea of Disruptive Innovation fresh on the mind - what is the most powerful examples you can think of for Disruptive Innovation?  If you make a list, it will no doubt include IT innovations backed by Big Data.  Big Data is a wrecking machine when it comes to DI.  A signature characteristic of Disruptive Innovation is when the “Now becomes the Nostalgic”.  Once you have experienced a DI event, the ‘norm’ is fundamentally shifted.

Moore’s Law has shown us the rapid acceleration of computer processing speeds.  With that growth in processing speeds, smaller IT powered devices become ubiquitous in our lives - and Big Data is what lives behind all of those devices.  The future of IT will include the integration and leverage of that Big Data.  With that, we will see an acceleration of innovation, transparency, and opportunities for multi-point validation on information.  So how does our topic of Sustainability look with the convergence of Big Data?  How might this integration influence your business, or your customer’s business?

The goal today is to introduce the strategic idea of Big Data Convergence and Sustainability.  So, let’s leave the topic here and provide you the opportunity to accumulate your own thoughts on how you think Big Data might influence Sustainabilty and Consumer Packaged Goods.  For those that are more pragmatic and have challenges with forward thinking, then visualize how this topic will look when your children are your age.  What business decision tools might they use to understand environmental implications on decisions?

I look forward to exploring this topic together!  Have a great week and enjoy the news articles below.

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